Thursday, 2 April 2009

Still here...

It's been a year since the last post here (cue bugle call) and sadly not much has been done.

The baseboards for both the sketch and the main layout are now complete - thanks to a lot of help from Maurice Hopper, a very talented S scale modeller who lives near me. There is some Easitrak and a platform on the sketch baseboard, but as yet no canopy, office or connection to the fiddle yard/cassette.

The mainproject has had the track layout sketched onto the board and a couple of buildings started. These are bridges and conversions from Pola and Walthers N gauge kits. The main warehouses and rear elevation of a block of flats have been drawn, but nothing completed yet.

Sorry this all sounds a bit negative, but the intention is to keep going with it. I have given myself a good talking to, and WILL finish in time for the Expo in 2010.

........ probably.

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N Bastable said...

keep going i have potential looming redundncy so have zero motivation