Sunday, 13 January 2008

Basic design

I've added notes and a sketch plan as doodled over the past couple of days - I reckon it's just possible to get all of this into 4 ft x 1 ft. It does restrict the stock on the layout at any one time, but items can always be replaced.

The fact that it's small should also make the job of backdating to BR(S) in the 1950s with green stock a lot less daunting a prospect.

Next step, check for track building bits in the gloat box, and sort out the two level baseboard.

Thoughts and sketch plan

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Layout Challenge - late starter's attempt

I have been fiddling with 2mm scale for far too many years - ever since I saw Rydesvale - the magnificent layout created by the Groves, father and son, at Westminster Central Hall when I was still at school.

Since then I have actually built a couple of wagons, some soldered track and a point.
I have some more points built for me by Keith Armes, and have converted a few items from Farish and Dapol, enough for me to build a small shunting yard. Never did manage to scenic it though.
There is also a box full of kits and bits that I have never had the courage to complete.

So why start a layout now?
Two main reasons:
  • I am now retired, in a secure flat, and have the time and space,
  • The layout challenge has made me feel guilty about the whole sorry history.