Sunday, 13 January 2008

Basic design

I've added notes and a sketch plan as doodled over the past couple of days - I reckon it's just possible to get all of this into 4 ft x 1 ft. It does restrict the stock on the layout at any one time, but items can always be replaced.

The fact that it's small should also make the job of backdating to BR(S) in the 1950s with green stock a lot less daunting a prospect.

Next step, check for track building bits in the gloat box, and sort out the two level baseboard.


Tony Simms said...

Excellent, Jim! Your plans look very interesting; look forward to seeing them develop. There is some nice SR stuff around; you could have a nice little layout there.


Gram said...

Hello Jim, welcome to the challenge.

You mention replacing stock on the layout. Have you considered using some kind of cartridge on the sector plate? It could make things easier if you do find yourself with plenty of stock in a couple of years time.

Graham Ross