Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Layout Challenge - late starter's attempt

I have been fiddling with 2mm scale for far too many years - ever since I saw Rydesvale - the magnificent layout created by the Groves, father and son, at Westminster Central Hall when I was still at school.

Since then I have actually built a couple of wagons, some soldered track and a point.
I have some more points built for me by Keith Armes, and have converted a few items from Farish and Dapol, enough for me to build a small shunting yard. Never did manage to scenic it though.
There is also a box full of kits and bits that I have never had the courage to complete.

So why start a layout now?
Two main reasons:
  • I am now retired, in a secure flat, and have the time and space,
  • The layout challenge has made me feel guilty about the whole sorry history.

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